Saudi Dynamics – Don’t kiss my hand

The price of oil may remain in flux, but the commitment in Riyadh to grow its military power and diversify its supplier network remains constant. Recently Saudi Arabia placed an order worth $29.4 billion 84 new F-15SAs equipped with active electronically scanned array radars and major upgrades to its fleet of 70 F-15Ss. Moreover, Saudi Arabia could acquire more than 150 new helicopters from the USA under acquisitions worth a combined $25.6 billion. Riyadh is aiming for 72 Sikorsky UH-60M (shown below) Black Hawk transports, plus 36 AH-6i light attack helicopters and 36 AH-64D Block III Apache Longbows from Boeing and 12 MD Helicopters MD530s, and 48 UH-60Ls on order.

Looking at current Saudi fleet, it already operates 12 AH-64As, and has a confirmed order for 12 D-model. Latter sale was announced the same day when former deal to buy F-15s was confirmed.

UH-60M Black Hawk

Among the Gulf states, Saudi’s military still stands apart as the only force operating airborne “command ships”. The United Arab Emirates plans to break that monopoly soon, but Riyadh clearly wants to maintain its advantage. Again, Boeing is likely to become the favoured contractor.

Credits: FlightGlobal, Airliners.NET


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4 responses to “Saudi Dynamics – Don’t kiss my hand

  1. the wahabi sunnis of saudi are scared of the mighty shia of iran, hence all these military purchases

    • but these deals wont go unnoticed by tehran, For nearly a decade, Tehran has sought to bolster its air defences by importing Russia’s S-300/-400 surface-to-air missile system – this then brought west in, persuading russia to back off but most interesting of all is, saudi are aware of this, and are trying to persuade Russia about the potential market in middle east, for the same S400 SAMs Riyadh is believed to be on tables with moscow over this deal – these agreements are purely political, and the only thing saudia is doing is to attract moscow with their money, look we’got more to spend why not come here

      • saudis know as long as american are present in the kingdom, they are safe internally and externally

        saudi army is no match for iran, even with all its sofisticated weapons, as the army is riddled with tribalism,
        they cannot dig in and fight, will give up very easly as they are quite pampared, and their moral is very low

        they cannot go too much into the russian camp as that will displease the american, and they will play their own game, arming israeal, bolstering shias of iraq ecr

        saudis are a very frightned nation

  2. i certainly agree with their match with iranians, its now just about power but morals as well…suadis r weak, and unfortunatly money is everything to them, world outside saudi border is something irrelevnt to them, unfortunatly

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