Research Experience

Control System Upgrade for Bo-105 Helicopter
Handling Qualities Engineerng: Assessment Bo-105 Helicopter
Simulator Fidelity Quantification
Simulator Visual Database Modelling: using OpenGL
Flight Model Validation using System Identification TechniquesFlight Simulation in Academic Environment
Vision-Based Tracking and Motion Estimation for Moving Targets using Small UAVs, V. Dobrokhodov, I. Kaminer, K. Jones, R. Ghabcheloo
Pilot Induced Oscillations – Ames Research Centre NASA

My Portfolio
Personal Portfolio

General Reading

Simulation Motion Platform Modelling: Genetic Algorithm Approach
Robust Vision Based Target Tracking Control System for an Unmanned Helicopter using Feature Fusion
Thesis Literature Review: Simulation Fidelity Quantification
Integrated Modular Avionics Simulation & Modelling by Abdoulaye Gamatie
High Integrity IMA Design

Qualification of Military Flight Simulators

A Proposed Novel Dutch Approach for the Qualification of Military Flight Simulators



Avionics_Software and Integration

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