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Boeing 787 simulator preview

While public has a long wait to see 787 dreamliner, The Canadian manufacturer CAE has been busy building 787 simulators. The extensive report on the new simulator CAE 7000, being built for Continental Airlines (Boeing domestic launch customer), were published in Flightglobal.

Visual cues are an essential part of piloting and its simulation. Continental is to use a Rockwell Collins visual display for its 787 simulator. Tactile cues also play a significant role. As with the Airbus A330 simulator, the 787 has CAE’s True Electric Motion system. Developed in co-operation with Moog, the all-electric system promises smooth and quiet articulation. In an added nod to efficiency, it requires just 25% of the power needed to run a comparable hydraulic actuation system.A beauty of the simulator is its Cockpit layout, which is classic Boeing, a space where any 777 pilot would feel right at home. Two welcome additions to the flightdeck are the electronic flight bags, located on the sidewalls and the Rockwell Collins head-up displays.

The up to date progress of the simulator, and detailed article can be accessed form http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2010/08/26/346652/video.html (Source Flight Global)

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